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Posted by God Loves Women on July 14, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Me and the Lord had a couple of days away and He showed me so much.  Here's a poem I wrote about one of the things He showed me:

A life drawn with pencil

So it could be rubbed out


With only three colours

To lay on my page:


Black; dying soul, destroyed by others

Red; bleeding heart, bleeding wrist, life source dripping away

Grey; creeping sighs and mist covered everything











I am no longer THAT


Colours galore, colours true

Colours fresh, colours new


A life full of colours, full of laughter

With permanent marker, for ever and after


I’m no longer bound by black, red and grey

I’m free, I’m alive, with new colours each day


As you look at my pages

My life 2D

The change in colours

Is astonishing to see


Where once there was pencil

And black, red and grey

There is now a rainbow

New day by day


The colours of life and freedom and hope

Of love and of beauty and learning to cope

Of kindnesses offered and given away

Of Light and of Mercy and new Grace everyday

A notebook found and three miracles remembered

Posted by God Loves Women on March 16, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Today I came across an old notebook entitled “Things God has Done”, from 2006.  I sat down and had a read and came across the following story that I had forgotten even happened!

To put it in context, I was living in the north of England, (in a place where they say “ooh it’s canny day”, a single parent of two small children, the youngest who regularly needed hospital care dues to his prematurity.  I was living on benefits (and regardless of what the Daily Mail says, this is *not* much money at all!) and generally finding life rather a struggle.

My tumble dryer blew up the other day.  It started smoking and stopped working.  I phoned my dad (who is very good at mending things, although lived two hours away at the time) and he told me there was no point in getting someone in to fix it, it wouldn’t be worth it and I should just buy a new one.  A new one was going to cost £100 and I couldn’t afford it so I had a bit of a pray and then moved on.

A few days later I was waiting for a friend to visit pushing the kids along and suddenly realised that my entire handbag had fallen off the pram and I couldn’t find it *anywhere*!!  I was utterly panicked, it had my keys, purse and the rest of my meagre life in it, and it was completely lost!

Miracle Number 1 occurred in the form of my friend arriving in her car and driving me to the letting agents to get a spare key and then driving me to the key cutting shop, so that I could actually enter my own house.  Without her it would have taken hours to get buses from place to place.

Miracle Number 2 occurred in the form of the honest man who found my bag and through marvellous detective skills had discovered my home telephone number and phoned me to offer to drop the bag back.  I was utterly delighted, as you can imagine.

Miracle Number 3 occurred when the honest man arrived to drop off my bag and as we got talking it turned out he was a qualified electrician who had a quick look at my tumble dryer and informed me he could fix it for only £15!!!  God is so so good!!