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15 Million Merits: Will the Church wake up?

Posted by God Loves Women on December 13, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Yesterday I wrote about the personal challenge I felt after watching 15 Million Merits on Sunday.  To find out more about the programme and the impact it had on me, please read my blog from yesterday.


Today I hope to share my thoughts on the wider, less personal, response I felt having watched the programme.  My immediate feeling, after the conviction of my own culpability at watching programmes like X Factor, was a feeling of frustration at the fact Charlie Brooker, an atheist writer and comedian, could get the horror of reality TV in a way most of us Christians cannot.


Why is Charlie Brooker’s understanding of the powers and principalities of the world so much clearer than that of us Christians?  He is making a prophetic statement to this generation while many of us Christians are busy arguing amongst ourselves and being religious.  


At a recent discipleship group I attended the leader started to describe the horrific fallen-ness of the world and the polluting nature of evil that has saturated so much of our society.  I was horrified as she explained this was exemplified most clearly by the marriage of gay people.  She did not mention the soul destroying reality that there are more people trapped in slavery than there ever have been; that sex, money and power rule our world; or that the true beauty of individuals is destroyed be a media machine that sucks out our self value, in order to sell it back to us in the form of beauty products and plastic surgery.  No, not one mention of any of those things, just the “evil” of gay marriage.


Throughout the Bible the prophets spoke clearly to the people of God, Jesus’ harshest words were reserved for the religious leaders, and right now it would seem, God is using Charlie Brooker – an atheist – to bring about His truth.


Will the Church wake up?  Will those of us who are Jesus followers, called to emulate Jesus, see God’s truth in these programmes and instead of trying to be relevant to the world, will we become radical to the world?  Will we speak out against the great evils in this world?  Will we collectively call for the end of programmes which pornographicate young people and the culture which seeks to perpetuate violence against women?  Will we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us on what really matters?  Or will Jesus need to say to us:


"Woe to you, [Christians], you hypocrites!  ...you have neglected the more important matters of the law - justice, mercy and faithfulness.” (Matt. 23:23)





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