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Posted by God Loves Women on January 1, 2012 at 3:15 PM

February 2005

Empty smile upon my face

Empty words and an empty embrace

Empty of feeling and void of all hope

Losing the will to carry on and to cope

My soul has been blackened by actions of mine

My days are all night, the sun doesn’t shine

Insincere gratitude and no ability to thank

Not since the day the real me got too heavy and sank

Vacant expression and vacant of care

Seems nobody minds my blank, desolate stare

Expressionless words said to please those who want them

Insipid gestures given through boredom

Valueless morals and a dishonest prayer

Sinking and drowning in hopeless despair

Ignorant opinions and ignorant knowledge

I might as well mash my brains into porridge

Rhetorical talk of propaganda and rumor

No laughter, no smile, no sense of humor

Forgotten promises and destructive advice

A hunger that no morsel can entice

A purposeless life with unsatisfactory outcomes

To the reaper that beckons me, I might as well succumb



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