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God's Patchwork Plan

Posted by God Loves Women on January 11, 2012 at 4:00 PM

March 2007

One day God up in Heaven

Had a wonderful plan

‘I’ll make a patchwork quilt,’ He thought

‘In the lives of a woman and man

A quilt of such beauty

Sewn together by Me

An amazing part of my bigger plan

Different to any other it will be


So He formed the pieces

In the life of a special man

Every choice He made

Used in God’s patchwork plan


The lessons that he learned

The jobs for which he got paid

The relationships he built

The mistakes that he made


And other parts God knitted

Through the life of a woman

From her very beginning

Used in God’s patchwork plan


The roots she was given

The paths that she chose

The hurt and the triumph

The highs and the lows


God collected their pieces

And spread them on the table

He got out His special thread

And His special identity label


The pieces were sewn together

With situations and friends

With timing that was perfect

With new beginnings and necessary ends


God finished the first section

Of His patchwork quilt plan

My life’s all in there

And so is yours, my lovely man


God’s collecting more pieces

In the brand new part of our life

The part where you’re my husband

And I’m your very own wife


One day the plan will be complete

We’ll see the blanket in full

God’s patchwork quilt of our life

So amazing and beautiful

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