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Seven reasons you should read Vicky Walker's book

Posted by God Loves Women on February 17, 2013 at 5:25 PM

Vicky Walker is a wonderful friend of mine and she has written a really good book called "Do I have to be good all the time?" about being a single woman in the Church and I felt I should share with you all why you should read it...

1.    It is very funny and made me laugh out loud on the train.

2.    It is very profound; her chapter on grace had me almost in tears on the train. (I read a lot on the train).

3.    She manages to say really powerful things about how women interact with one another and within church, without being as ranty as I would be.

4.    She is a woman with a wonderful heart and a lot of wisdom.

5.    She let me stay at her house and gave me grapes she had frozen and, although that offer may not be open to everyone who reads her book, it shows she is a very nice person.

6.    She is writing about stuff that is really important, but is doing it to reach regular normal people, not super spiritual academic types (probably why I like it so much).

7.    To feel encouraged that nobody really gets it right that much of the time.

You can get the book here and find out more about Vicky here.

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