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My very own UTCA

Posted by God Loves Women on October 4, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Today the shortlist for the Christian New Media Awards was announced.  Within it is a nomination for this blog  I tweeted CNMAC to complain, and they said:

“We don't put people in or out based on whether we agree with their theology. Sorry that's not one you like.”

I know I won’t agree with the theology of all the nominations, but theology which promotes the sort of headship and submission that this blogger does has enabled perpetrators of domestic abuse to continue hurting their wives and prevented many women experiencing abuse from seeking help.  If this blogger wants to write blogs about it, that’s one thing, but when the Christian New Media Awards want to promote the blog and perhaps give her an award for it, that’s quite another.

After tweeting a bit about it, someone suggested that I should make my own shortlist.  At first I didn’t think I’d have time, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I felt it would be good to do it.  I think there are some wonderful people who use twitter in an amazing way, and I wanted to honour them.


So welcome to my UTCA’s (Unofficial Twitter Christian Awards).  I thought that anyone else who would like to nominate tweeters can do.  If you would like to, please tweet me your nominations (@God_loves_women).  The only rules are you cannot nominate yourself and you can’t nominate Christian celebrities.  If you have further ideas of categories, please do tweet me those too.


There are lots of people I love who I haven’t give an award to.  I still love you, and you’re amazing too.

Funny Tweeter

Vicky Walker (@vicky_walker)

Go to theological big brains

Steve Holmes (@SteveRHolmes)

Alastair Roberts (@zugzwanged)

Eddie Arthur (@kouya)

Friendly tweeters

Sarah Crane (@secraney)

Heather Stanley (@hstanley_)

Amazing legendary tweeter

Helen Austin (@fragmentz)

Encouraging tweeters

Matthew Currey (@mattcurrey)

Ruth Roberts (@ruth_roberts)

Fem-tastic Feminist tweeters

Hannah Mudge (@boudledidge)

Jennifer Parnham (@JenniferParnham)

Jendella (@jendella)

Ruth Wells (@ruthmw)

Diane Martin (@teenybash48 )

Man-tastic Feminist tweeters

Mark Hewerdine (@markrhewerdine)

David Bunce (@davidbunce)

Dave Warnock (@dave42w)

Tweeters who speak God’s truth but don’t identify as Christian

Nimko Ali (@nimkoali)

Louise Pennington (@lestewpot)

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1 Comment

Reply Mel Caldicott
6:51 AM on October 14, 2013 
As the blogger you are referring to who you feel strongly should not be getting an award by the CNMAC for promoting headship and submission I thought it would be worth responding in order to clarify my viewpoints and reasons for writing the post which you objected to.

I wrote my post entitled A Good Wife to put forward a very widely held view based on the Biblical principle of headship and submission as God's design for marriage. I have not wished to offend with this post but I do realise that there are many people who have a different view of women and their place in marriage and society.

However, I did want to emphasise that I have not at any point condoned abusive relationships or domestic violence. In fact, if I may quote my post, I have made caveats against allowing men to abuse their headship -

"So does this mean that we are expected to be doormats, following the rule of our husbands, obeying every command to us he makes? Does this mean that we worship a God who is some kind of misogynist, who wants to oppress women and keep them under the control of men?

No, I don?t believe so."

I have also explained how the rights of women and protecting them from being oppressed and abused was part of Jesus mission -

"When Jesus was on earth women were oppressed. They were not regarded as equal to men, were treated little more than slaves, were often abused, had very few rights or status in society and were completely reliant upon the men around them.

Jesus challenged this. He defended women and protected their rights countless times in the Gospels. He unusually took the step of having female disciples. He ministered to them, showed tender moments with them and some of them were amongst the privileged few who witnessed the key moments in His life, those moments which changed the course of history forever."

Finally, my belief in biblical submission was supported by the idea that this is in a loving relationship where the man cherishes his wife, not to be upheld in an abusive relationship -

"Ephesians 5 tells us that we are to submit to our husbands as we are to Christ, because as Christ is the head of the church so husbands are the head of our families. Yet, as Christ loved the church so husbands should love their wives."

Like I say I do understand that this point of view is not held by everyone, but I have supported my views with Biblical texts and have only wished to express an interpretation of the principles behind them.

I think it is important to debate these issues in grace and Christian love to grow in our understanding and empathy towards the viewpoints and experiences of others.

Mel Caldicott
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